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We, at Eco Star have been a pioneer in manufacturing lab-grown diamonds. We always strive to ensure that our diamonds are of consistent quality. We intend to ensure uniformity in quality by releasing an assortment of similar quality diamonds every month for sale. Currently, we sell polished lab-grown diamonds. Additionally. We intend to popularize lab-grown diamonds for their benefits and price competitiveness. We are currently involved in the business of the manufacture and sale of Type II (Lab Grown Diamond) diamonds.

Vision & Mission

“Our Vision Is To Give Better Performance and Expectation to Our Customers through High Quality & Services”

“Our Mission Is Always Working With Trustworthiness, Positive Impact, Continuous Commitment, Setting Out Our Goal And Futures Responsibility.”

Diamond Expertise

1. What Is Lab Grown Diamond & Why Lab Grown Diamond?

What Is A Lab Grown Diamond Diamond?

A Lab Grown Diamond Diamond Is A Lab Grown Diamond That Is Produced In A Laboratory Unlike The Natural Diamond Which Creates Itself Through Natural Geological Process. The Diamond Is Made Using Pure Carbon That Is Crystallized In Isotropic 3d Form.

Why Choose A Lab Grown Diamond Diamond?

Mining Of The Natural Diamond Leads To Abuse Of Human Rights And Usage Of Lab Grown Diamonds. Also The Cost Of A Lab Grown Diamond Diamond Is Lower Than Diamonds That Are Manufacture. At Eco Star Diamonds. We Guarantee Our Customers’ Diamonds At Manufacturer Direct Prices.

2. Differentiation

Difference between Earth-MINED Diamonds &Lab-Grown Diamonds

Eco Star Agrees With The Position Of The Prestigious World Federation Of Diamond Bourses That There Are No Problems With Lab-Grown Diamonds As Long As They Are Clearly Disclosed, Documented, And Differentiated. Every Eco Star Customer Acknowledges As Follows During The Purchasing Process: I Acknowledge That I Am Purchasing Laboratory-Grown Diamonds That Are Proudly Created by Scientists Above The Earth, Not Extracted Or Mined Out of The Earth.

Properties of Lab Grown Diamond VS NATURAL DIAMOND

Eco Star Diamonds

Eco Star Manufactures the Lab Grown Diamond Type II (Lab Grown Diamond).We manufactures Round Brilliant Cut From Size 0.05ct To 2.00ct Size And Also Make Fancy Shapes Diamonds Such As Emerald, Radiant, Oval, Cushion, Pear, Marquise, Princess From Size 0.18ct To 2.00ct.

Diamond Certification

Eco Star Manufactures Polished Certified Lab Grown Diamonds From 0.50CT To 2.00CT. The Emphasis Is On 0.50CT To 2.00CT Rounds And Fancy Such As Emerald, Radiant, Oval, Cushion, Pear, Marquise, and Princess.

Sculpted At Our State-Of-The-Art Diamond Polishing Centre In Surat, These Wonders Are Sure To Entice With Their Charm. Place It Next To Any Other Diamond and the Difference Can Be Seen Easily. Triple Excellent Diamonds Symbolises Our Potential To Craft Some Of The Finest Pieces In The World. The Diamonds Are Certified by Esteemed Laboratories like The IGI and GIA

Diamond Shapes

The Unique Personality Of A Diamond Is Enhanced By An Exceptional Cut, With Perfectly Aligned And Sparkling Facets. These Diamond Shapes Mysterious Feelings In Each Of Us. Some Say An Individual Chooses Their Perfect Diamond Based On Instinct, While Others Say Each Diamond Has Its Own Alluring Charisma. Diamond Shape Is A Personal Choice As Each Diamond Cut Has Its Own Unique Characteristics. The Diamond Shape You Choose Is A Reflection Of Your Own Personality And Sense Of Style.

Round Cut

Every Round cut Diamond Is Cut to maximise Sparkle. At Eco Star Diamond Our Diamond Experts Use A Special Technique To Individually Select Diamonds With Perfectly Aligned And Angled Facets To Ensure Incredible Sparkle, A Cut Above All Others.

Emerald Cut

What Makes The Emerald Diamond Shape Different Is Its Pavilion, Which Is Cut With Rectangular Facets To Create A Unique Optical Appearance. Due To Its Larger, Open Table, This Shape Highlights The Clarity Of A Diamond. If You Choose an Emerald-Cut Diamond with a Lower Clarity Grade, Such As Si, Be Sure To Review the Clarity Plot on the Diamond Certificate.

Radiant Cut

The Radiant Cut Diamond Is The First Square Cut (The Second Being The Princess) To Have A Complete Brilliant-Cut Facet Pattern Applied To Both The Crown And Pavilion, Creating A Vibrant And Lively Square Diamond. First Popular In The 1980's, The Cropped Corner Square Shape Of The Radiant Is A Nice Bridge Between A Cushion And A Princess Cut, And For That Reason Looks Beautiful Set With Both Rounded Or Square Cornered Diamonds.

Oval Cut

An Oval Cut Diamond Is A Modified Form Of The Round Brilliant Cut, And Possesses A Similar Fire And Brilliance. Its Slender, Elongated Shape Can Create The Illusion Of A Greater Carat Weight When Worn.

Cushion Cut

The Cushion Cut Diamond Offers A Striking Combination Of Modernity And Femininity, Demonstrating Perfect Harmony Between Its Square, Or Rectangular, Shape And Its Soft, Rounded Corners. Originating, The Cushion Cut Was The Most Popular Shape Of The 20th Century.

Pear Cut

The Soft Curves Of The Pear Cut Diamond Are Some Of The Most Difficult To Achieve. The Classically Beautiful Pear Shape Combines The Sparkle Of A Round Brilliant And The Tapered Point Of A Marquise Cut. The Pear Is Undoubtedly One Of The Most Feminine Diamond Cuts Used In Fine Jewellery Designs.

Marquise Cut

This Long And Narrow Diamond Cut Is Also A Modified Version Of The Sparkling Round Brilliant Shape. The Marquise Cut Diamond Dates Back To the 1700s, When Louis Xiv of France Allegedly Requested a Diamond Was Cut To Resemble the Perfectly Shaped Mouth of the Marquise De Pompadour.

Princess Cut

This Is Our Most Popular Non-Round Diamond. Its Beautiful Brilliance And Unique Cut Makes The Princess-Cut Diamond A Favourite For Engagement Rings. The Princess Has Pointed Corners And Is Traditionally Square In Shape. When Choosing A Color Grade, Color May Be Slightly Visible In Its Corners. Also, Princess-Cut Diamonds Can Vary Greatly In How Square Or Rectangular They Are. To Find The Dimension Of Princess You Want, Look For The Length-To-Width Ratio In Our Interactive Diamond Search And On Each Diamond's Detail Page. This Will Determine What The Diamond Will Look Like When Viewing It From Above. Here Are Length-To-Width Ratios For Princess-Cut Diamond Shapes That Are Pleasing To The Eye.


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